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Though I began this piece before his tragic assassination in 1995, “Homeland” has taken on the quality of a memorial to Yitzhak Rabin, the late Prime Minister of Israel.

The upper windows and the predominant square shape of this piece suggests a home, while the vertical and horizontal lines that run through it suggest a house divided. The images in the lower portion of the canvas, taken from an Assyrian bas relief, are covered by a fireplace screen, symbolizing the simmering heat of conflict, while arrows, the ballistic missiles of the ages, echo memories of past battles.

The animal pelts that adorn either side are endangered and tribal, as are the Jewish people. The lions are nearly hidden and line the top of the window, evoking strength within.

The central circles evoke the vicious circle of violence between Israel and her neighbors, yet they stand as a hope for unity. Topping the piece are lintel arrangements, not yet set into place, remembering Rabin as the hopeful architect of peace, whose work was brutally cut short.

Listen to Ed talk about this piece in a video

Windows, architectural motifs, fireplace screen, animal skins, other mixed media objects
84 x 52 x 5 in.

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