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Abraham Begat Isaac Begat Jacob

The Book of Genesis records the family history of the Jewish People and, in doing so, projects the Jewish People into the future. One generation gives birth to another – we are thus linked to those who came before us, and also serve as their destiny. The first steps of the journey of the Jewish People began with Abraham, his son, Isaac, and his grandson, Jacob.

These patriarchs are symbolically represented by the shofars (ram horns) arranged as sperm, set in the bird seed base of my piece. A heated frying pan signifies bubbling creativity and begins the journey’s progression, which is set beneath Jacob’s ladder, mounted on the strong paws of the Lion of Zion.

The path upward is fraught with perils and moments of continual hope. Jagged metallic blades signify war, foreign domination, and exile. Yet the flames of faith burn brightly on different rungs, carrying the Jewish People forward. The ovens of the holocaust are portrayed by an ominous iron grill. The panes of blue plastic near the top represent trust and faith that a better world lies ahead. Yet above that are more flames, a dual representation of the danger that looms above and the miracles of our ancestors. A rising sun sits in the middle, reminding us of the blessed existence of the present.

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Ladder, scythe, animal horns, blow torches, other mixed media
108 x 36 x 54 in.

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