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Noah’s Arc

After seeing the violence of humanity in the generations that followed Adam, God decided to destroy the world He had created. Only Noah, judged to be righteous in that wicked generation, was to be spared. Noah was commanded to build and live upon an ark to save his family and specific animal life. The water of the Flood covered the Earth and, at the end of a year’s time, Noah and all he had saved returned to land. God then established a covenant with humankind – He would never again threaten existence with a flood. The rainbow would serve as a sign of that agreement.

My piece tells the bones of that tale through a number of symbolic elements. The fisherman’s pole is stretched into the shape of an arc and recalls the Flood that drowned the world. The pole itself, with reel and line, represent God’s (or Noah’s) ability to save those threatened.

Finally, there is the color of the piece, which clearly embodies the rainbow covenant God made to Noah in the aftermath. As such this piece represents the affirmation of God’s promise to life, and man’s ability to recognize that promise.

Fishing pole, hook and line, acrylic covered toy animals
12 x 111 x 6 in.