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Art of the Covenant

The historical Ark of the Covenant was a small chest overlaid with sheets of gold, inside of which was placed the tablets containing the Ten Commandments. The Jewish people journeyed through the desert for 40 years with the Ark. When Moses would enter the Tent of Meeting where the Ark was stored he would stand before it and God would speak with him there.

In this miniature replica of the Ark, God’s presence is represented by the energy within the spark plugs that surround the body of the piece. Moses stands at the top, holding an Olympic Games-like torch in one hand, which represents the pillar of fire that guided the Jews at night through their journey. In the other hand Moses holds an oversized rod (a porcupine quill) that represents protection. Bullets, quills, dagger-like objects along the sides, and rampant lions below continue the theme of protection.

A measuring device juts above, representing the time that the journey would take. Next to Moses is the outstretched hand of God holding a crystal ball, symbolizing the future that awaits. At the bottom of the chest, a doorknob for entry into the Promised Land. Finally, encased within the wooden box at the base sits a real Torah.

Aluminum lions, cigar box, mezuzah, spark plugs, other mixed media hardware and objects
41 x 14 ½ x 9 in.

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