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Leonard the Lion of Judah

The lion is a symbol of the Israelite tribe of Judah. It has been woven into curtains, incised onto doors in Jewish sanctuaries, and engraved onto Torah breast-plates for centuries. It has become a symbol of the Jewish People, a reminder of hope for God’s protection.

The lion in my piece holds these qualities and reverence, but is also an illustration of my inner child at play. He is both heroic and goofy; his floppy ears are large, and though his mouth with the sharp pointed teeth appears dangerous, his large red tongue lolls in the middle like a dog on a hot day. His lengthy curved wooden payes (sideburns of the Orthodox) almost touch the floor. His eyes are large and cartoony. His appearance stems from my love of comics, which I read voraciously as a child and from which I learned to draw.

Leonard’s materials are old and worn, his appearance is both wise and silly, and he embodies strength and sensitivity. The menorah nestled like a crown at the top of his mane denotes his sacred identity. He is a self-portrait: In him I see myself as an artist, a child, and a man.

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Leather, pitchfork tines, plywood platform with wheels, snowshoes, other mixed media objects
91 x 40 x 85 in.

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