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G-d’s Treasure Embarks

The story of Noah, the Flood, and God’s covenant in the form of a rainbow is a powerful tale that fills my thoughts. This piece is similar to “Noah’s Arc,” and as such serves as my only series.

In this piece I focus on the shape and material of the animals. Each animal is leafed in either gold, silver, or copper. The color signifies treasure, which highlights God’s message to Noah, that he was to save only the righteous and true living on the earth.

The treasured quality of each animal is represented in their uniqueness. Each individual animal was drawn by hand, reduced down to size, transferred onto thin wood, and cut out with a jeweler’s saw. And, as God commanded in the Biblical story, every animal walks in a pair.

In these qualities I find the beginning of life. The treasures walk forth from the ship after the Flood, together, seeds of life for the future.

Fishing pole, metallic leaf covered wooden animals
12 x 108 x 4 in.